Ghost Moon

by Rebecca York

Bookcover: Ghost Moon

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Ghost Moon
Rebecca York
Berkley Sensation
May 2008
320 Pages
ISBN 10: 0425222454
ISBN 13: 978-0425222454
Romance novel


Formats » Paperback, ebook

Book Description for Ghost Moon

To protect one man, she must risk the vengeance of many...

A freed slave from a parallel universe, Quinn has come to this world on a vital mission. But she's stopped in her tracks by the seductive attentions of a mysterious spirit. He's a ghost named Caleb Marshall—a werewolf who was supposedly murdered by the ancestors of her dearest friends...

When Caleb finds a way to take over a human body, Quinn can no longer resist her overwhelming desire, even though she's not sure she can trust him. But soon she discovers that they have a common enemy—and if she doesn't act fast, she may lose the man she's come to love, along with her life...

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