Highland Rogue

by Tess Mallory

Bookcover: Highland Rogue

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Highland Rogue
Tess Mallory
Berkley Sensation
May 2008
304 Pages
ISBN 10: 0425220427
ISBN 13: 978-0425220429
Romance novel


Formats » Paperback, ebook

Book Description for Highland Rogue

On her dream vacation in the Scottish Highlands, aspiring archaeologist Maggie Graham discovers a tri-spiral carving in the floor of an ancient cairn, and unwittingly sets its dormant magic in motion. Sent tumbling back in time 300 years, Maggie uncovers the most amazing find of all—a Scottish hero straight out of her wildest fantasies. There are just two tiny problems with this grand adventure: She's trapped in 18th-century Scotland, and the man she's fallen for is an outlaw, a thief, and a daring Highland Rogue.

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