Sea Lord

by Virginia Kantra

Bookcover: Sea Lord

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Sea Lord
Virginia Kantra
Berkley Sensation
May 2009
304 Pages
ISBN 10: 0425226360
ISBN 13: 9780425226360
Romance novel

Series: Children of the Sea

Highly Recommended

Formats » Paperback

Book Description for Sea Lord

He was born of the sea...

Selkie prince Conn ap Llyr denies his deeply sensual nature to rule over the immortal Children of the Sea. But when the Children of Fire threaten the Selkies' Sanctuary, Conn must obey his haunting visions—and seek a woman thousands of miles away...

She was born on land...

Schoolteacher Lucy Hunter knows nothing about her Selkie heritage or the prophecy that drives Conn to find her. She is content with her life on the quiet Maine island of World's End. That is, until a proud, compelling stranger appears to challenge her assumptions and awaken her desires...

Their love will tear them between two worlds...

To combat Fire, Conn needs Lucy's magic—even if this means stealing her away to Sanctuary. As the demon threat grows, so does their passion, overcoming Lucy's fears and Conn's guarded heart. But soon they face a devastating choice. Will their love be enough to save them? Or will their destinies tear them apart?

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