Wine, Tarts, & Sex

by Susan Johnson

Bookcover: Wine, Tarts, & Sex

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Wine, Tarts, & Sex
Susan Johnson
Berkley Sensation
June 2008
304 Pages
ISBN 10: 0425222012
ISBN 13: 978-0425222010
Romance novel


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Book Description for Wine, Tarts, & Sex

World-renowned chef Jake Chambers could have had any ingnue he wanted in California since the kitchen isn't the only room in the house where the hard-bodied hunk has special talents. Still, when he realized there might be more to life than glitz and silicone, he left for Minneapolis to buy a local joint and try to clear his head.

But even though he's no longer serving the glitterati, that doesn't mean he's about to compromise quality and serve a Minnesota wine. However, local vintner Liv Bell-with curves even more delicious than his tapas-has other plans once she lays eyes on this Adonis. Determined to promote her vineyard's juicy bounty, this sun-kissed goddess might just bring Jake around to at least tasting what she has to offer.

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