The Diary of Cozette

by Amanda McIntyre

Bookcover: The Diary of Cozette

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The Diary of Cozette
Amanda McIntyre
Spice Books
Trade Paperback
October 2008
ISBN 13: 9780373605255
Erotica novel

"An erotica you won't want to miss..."
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Book Description for The Diary of Cozette

Passion knows no status or wealth...

True, I am but a mere maidservant from a great house, snatched from a wretched existence of poverty and desperation to serve noblemen of wealth and privilege.

And yet...

While I am indeed of lowly rank, I am also a young woman who allowed herself to sample life's greatest pleasures in the hands of these titled men. My tales overflow in this journal, penning my journey to becoming a woman of power of the most base, yet stimulating, breed.

Unmarried and twenty, yet betrothed to no man, I would be considered a spinster by most, yet this is of my own ardent intention. With my unabashed lushness and wisdom regarding a man's most vehement cravings, I am not lacking for suitors or proposals given in the heat of passion. No, I have yet to meet the man who will challenge me, satisfy me in all ways, not only of the flesh.

For where passion and desire are fleeting, my heart continues to beat....

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