Improper Pleasure

by Charlotte Featherstone

Bookcover: Improper Pleasure

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Improper Pleasure
Charlotte Featherstone
Spice Briefs
July 2008
ISBN 13: 9781426819827
Erotica novella

Yearning passions...secret pleasures!

"This excellent erotic read has romance at heart."
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Book Description for Improper Pleasure

He was the object of her secret yearning, the subject of her fevered erotic fantasies. And though she knew her dreams and desires were in vain, still she waited for him in Highgate Cemetary, her face hidden by a veil, hungering for some brief connection, some morsel of intimacy—for this was all she might ever hope for.

He had seen her from his carriage, and her image had invaded his dreams and become his obsession. He wanted her as he'd never wanted anything before. And here, at Highgate, away from the confining restrictions of the real world, at last he received a taste of that sweet, luscious body—just enough to whet his appetite and ignite a consuming desire that would let nothing stand in the way of its fulfillment.

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