Mile-High Mistress

by Jenesi Ash

Bookcover: Mile-High Mistress

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Mile-High Mistress
Jenesi Ash
Spice Briefs
March 2008
ISBN 13: 9781426812088
Erotica novella


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Book Description for Mile-High Mistress

Amaris, the feisty, hedonistic heroine of Favor Me, is back! And this time, the calculating , career-minded millionaire's mistress is hotter than ever. Amaris relishes the control she maintains over Leon. He may be rich and influential, but when she wants to, she can bring him to his knees. But her sense of power is seriously undermined when she sees Marnie, Leon's secretary, in action. Unlike Amaris, who must manipulate Leon with sex to get what she wants, Marnie simply tells Leon what to do, and he does it! As Amaris and Marnie square off in a power struggle over Leon, Amaris is prepared to go to any lengths to keep her man satisfied...and his secretary in her place.

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