Mirror, Mirror

by Amanda McIntyre

Bookcover: Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror
Amanda McIntyre
Spice Briefs
September 2008
ISBN 13: 9781426822421
Erotica novella

"An intriguing erotic read with a twist!"
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Book Description for Mirror, Mirror

Unlike those that came before, lover number seventeen left Charlie aching for more, and for the first time, she regretted her and Paul's arrangement. Theirs was a most unconventional marriage.

Unable to enjoy sex firsthand, Charlie's wealthy husband provided her with a stream of anonymous young, handsome lovers, while cameras hidden behind the mirrors enabled him to enjoy their lovemaking second hand. It was an arrangement that had sustained their marriage, but Charlie was beginning to resent her goldfish bowl lovelife.

Then a chance encounter with number seventeen led to the forbidden—a hot session of soul searing sex in a clothing store dressing room, with no prying eyes intruding on her pleasure. Or so she thought. Then things began to turn really surreal, and Charlie discovered nothing was what it seemed.

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