Reason Enough

by Megan Hart

Bookcover: Reason Enough

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Reason Enough
Megan Hart
Spice Briefs
June 2008
ISBN 13: 9781426818622
Erotica novella


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Book Description for Reason Enough

Elle and Dan haven't quite achieved their goal of having sex in every room of their new house—but almost! Marriage hasn't dampened their hunger for one another in the least, and their relationship is as hot and passionate as ever. But when Dan brings up the subject of having a baby together, Elle finds herself conflicted. Between her dysfunctional family background and her fear of how a baby might change their life together, Elle's not sure she's ready for the big step. Dan doesn't bring the subject up again, but the issue takes hold in Elle's mind. And as their frequent lovemaking sizzles with unquenchable desire, Elle's heart is filled to the brim with love and the longing to give Dan everything.

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