The Empress's New Clothes

by Nancy Madore

Bookcover: The Empress's New Clothes

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The Empress's New Clothes
Nancy Madore
Spice Briefs
March 2008
ISBN 13: 9781426812101
Erotica novella


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Book Description for The Empress's New Clothes

Beloved both by her subjects and her devoted husband, the emperor, everything the empress did as ruler was faultless. If she had any character flaw, it was her obsessive need for attention, which she expressed through her increasingly bold and revealing wardrobe. When she makes her entrance at a function wearing nothing at all, her guests so love her they suppress their shock and besiege her with requests for the name of her new tailor. The emperor, seeing how his beloved wife relishes all this attention, devises a plan for an entertainment to fulfill her wildest, unimagined exhibitionist fantasies.

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