The Envelope Incident

by Emelia Elmwood

Bookcover: The Envelope Incident

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The Envelope Incident
Emelia Elmwood
Spice Briefs
February 2009
ISBN 13: 9781426828355
Erotica novella


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Book Description for The Envelope Incident

After Emma is dumped by her boyfriend, her two best friends make a shocking declaration: that she has locked up her inner tigress and needs a week of hot sexual escapades to help her get over the lame missionary sex with her ex. Their solution: have Emma write down three sexual fantasies, put them in an envelope slipped under their door, and they'll make them happen.

At first, good-girl Emma doesn't think she can do it—until her erotic dreams awaken her inner desires...

Sex with strangers. A ménage à trois. A night with another woman... Emma's fantasies are about to come true in a way that will leave her feeling so sexy, so powerful, and so deliciously used....

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