The Mistress Diaries Bundle

by Jenesi Ash

Bookcover: The Mistress Diaries Bundle

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The Mistress Diaries Bundle
Jenesi Ash
Spice Briefs
May 2008
ISBN 13: 9781426817533
Erotica anthology


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Book Description for The Mistress Diaries Bundle

Amaris Martin, naughty, bawdy career mistress, looks upon seduction as her business. Ambitious to advance her career by trading up as mistress to increasingly wealthy and powerful benefactors, Amaris relishes her sense of control over her millionaire lover through her irresistible sexuality...and her willingness to do anything to satisfy his desires. Here are three of Amaris's intoxicating erotic adventures in one package. Bundle includes Favor Me, Mile-High Mistress and Mistress Menage.

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