The Pirate's Tale

by Grace D'Otare

Bookcover: The Pirate's Tale

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The Pirate's Tale
Grace D'Otare
Spice Briefs
February 2009
ISBN 13: 9781426828348
Erotica novella


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Book Description for The Pirate's Tale

First, Maeve told Devlin The Queen's Tale to inspire their love-play. Now it's Devlin's turn to tell The Pirate's Tale...

Raised in a convent orphanage, Gertrude always had tendency to cross forbidden thresholds—including running away with the baker's delivery boy. So when a captain comes to the convent seeking a servant, the Mother Superior offers him a wife.

Gertrude thinks her forced marriage to the dark and commanding captain is the perfect opportunity to escape once and for all. But everything changes when the captain gives her the key to a magical room that reveals erotic secrets from his past—and shows Gertrude all kinds of sensual possibilities....

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