Alpha Next Door

by Lynne Sterley

Bookcover: Alpha Next Door

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Alpha Next Door
Lynne Sterley
Odelyn Publishing
July 2015
263 Pages (estimated)
Romance novel

Series: The Reave Pack


Formats » Ebook, Trade Paperback

Subjects » Paranormal, Werewolves

Book Description for Alpha Next Door

Werewolf mating season is coming and the Reave pack is on the hunt for mates…

Ellie Green has lived in Gambel County her entire life and she's always known the place isn't normal. As if she needed any further evidence of that fact, she's just found out her granny signed a contract promising Ellie to the oldest of Bar Reave's sexy—and creepy as hell—grandsons. Ellie might've once had a crush on Bastien, but that was eight years ago, and Bastien's been gone a long time. Ellie's all grown up now, and it's going to take more than a hot body—even one as scorching hot as Bastien Reave's—to change Ellie's mind.

But Bastien knows something about Ellie that she doesn't—she's one of the rare women capable of mating with a werewolf, and her nature has started to manifest. Maybe it's not the best way to start what's meant to be a lifelong relationship, but if using his body to stoke Ellie's base desires is what it's going to take to secure his mate, he's willing to make that sacrifice.

Because Bastien knows the hard truth about the coming werewolf mating season: if he doesn't claim Ellie, someone else will. And now that Bastien has set eyes on Ellie again, he has no intention of letting anyone steal his mate…

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Alpha Next Door Characters

  • Bastien Reave (hero)
  • Ellie Green (heroine)

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