Wolf in the House

by Lynne Sterley

Bookcover: Wolf in the House

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Wolf in the House
Lynne Sterley
Odelyn Publishing
June 2016
255 Pages (estimated)
Romance novel

Series: The Reave Pack


Formats » Ebook, Trade Paperback

Subjects » Paranormal, Werewolves

Book Description for Wolf in the House

Werewolf mating season is coming and the Reave pack is on the hunt for mates…

Jane Suggs has just moved back in with her parents, into a haunted mansion in Gambel County, and although she's on an extended break from college, she has no intention of making her new living situation permanent—she'll be leaving Gambel just as soon as she can figure out a new plan.

Meeting Blake Reave—hot, sexy, and obviously someone used to getting any girl he wants—isn't going to change her mind. Still, she makes a rash decision to give in to the powerful attraction between them. What's the harm, when it's clear they're both just looking for a little fun?

But Blake Reave has a secret. He's a werewolf, and the long awaited werewolf mating season is only eleven months away. Claiming a mate is the most important thing he'll ever do for his pack, and his choices are limited to the women capable of mating with his kind.

Blake doesn't need a one-night stand; he needs a mate. And Jane just happens to be the one he wants…

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Wolf in the House Characters

  • Blake Reave (hero)
  • Jane Suggs (heroine)

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