by Cherie Feather

Bookcover: Submission

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Cherie Feather
Berkley Heat
Trade Paperback
February 2009
ISBN 10: 042522368X
Erotica novel


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Book Description for Submission

Ethan Tierney is infamous in the art world for his shocking paintings?and his reputation for seduction. He?s found a perfect subject in Kiki Dion, an art historian with kinky fantasies of her own. Now, behind the closed doors of his historic estate, they?re making those fantasies come true? and bringing something else to life as well?

A century ago, the house?s late occupants recorded the details of their consuming affair in explicit letters that have become Kiki and Ethan?s erotic obsession. But the ghosts of the past are not at rest. They?ve been aroused to bring closure to a sensual mystery of the past, to take possession of the warm and willing bodies of Kiki and Ethan, and to teach them the true meaning of undying ecstasy.

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