Seducing the Highlander

by Emma Wildes

Bookcover: Seducing the Highlander

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Seducing the Highlander
Emma Wildes
Signet Eclipse
Trade Paperback
May 2010
303 Pages
ISBN 13: 978-0-451-22982-3
Romance anthology

"An exciting set of connected stories set in the Scottish Highlands and Borderlands."
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Highly Recommended

Formats » Trade Paperback, Ebook, ebook

Subjects » Marriage, Scotland

Book Description for Seducing the Highlander

From award-winning author Emma Wildes comes three all-new stories of romance, adventure, and unbridled passion in the mists and mountains of the Scottish Highlands...

Seducing Ian

Abducted by notorious Highland lord Ian McCray and held as a prisoner for barter, Lady Leanna Arlington should be terrified-but her captor has helped her escape an unwanted marriage. Now, if only she can persuade the virile Scot to keep her...

Seducing Robbie

Julia Cameron is on the run and looking for a protector. Roguish Robbie McCray is desperate to replace his ships that were confiscated by the English. All they have to do is work out an agreement that is mutually satisfying-and sinfully wicked...

Seducing Aidan

When he comes across a beautiful woman being attacked, Aidan Cameron charges headlong into the fray. The brigands he deals with by pistol and sword. But the lovely Lady Gillian Lorin may require a different set of weapons...

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