About Requesting a Book Review

I'm always looking for books to recommend, and that's the one true purpose of my sites, and that's the only reason I accept books for review.

Here's the bald-faced truth: I don't like critiquing books. I like to recommend and promote books I like or love.

At this time, I'm unable to accept most books for review. However, I am accepting hot and sexy GENRE romance books. No literary erotica or romantic erotica at this time. No erotic love stories. If you don't know the difference between a love story and a romance novel, I'm probably not your audience. :)

I post reviews only on the websites I run. I do not post reviews on retailer sites.

I don't finish reading books I'm not into, because my time is better spent reading something else. I don't review for the purpose of critiquing! So you're not going to get a great "professional" review out of me. I'm not a beta reader and have no interest in filling that role. I am not a book critic. I read for enjoyment, and that's pretty much it. You're going to get the reaction of a book lover, that of someone who loves to read and who wants to share a new favorite with the people who come visit my websites.

Examples of erotic romance books I'm most likely to love:

I don't usually love dark erotic romance. I like humor! I don't like heavy angst. But someone seriously needs to send me a funny hitman romance to read. I have a feeling I'd love that book. :)

Still want to try to get your book recommended on the site? Contact me.

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