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Absolutely fabulous—if you like it hot!

Betrayed by Gillian's father, Hunter is looking for revenge and Gillian is his target.

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Why I liked Thirty Nights

"If I tell you to lean over that chest so I can take you hard and fast from behind, you'll do it without question. If I instruct you to kneel on this floor and take me deep in your lovely mouth, you'll swallow me deeper than you've ever swallowed any other man without a murmur of protest. My game, Gillian. My rules."


This book starts out with a tortured hero straight out of a gothic romance. Hunter St. John wants thirty nights of wild, wanton sex with Gillian Cassidy in return for his silence about an incident involving her father. Because Gillian has always harbored a secret crush on Hunter, she agrees.

Following his betrayal at the hands of Gillian's father, Hunter St. John was severely scarred when someone tried to murder him with a letter bomb. Gillian is never disgusted by Hunter's appearance or the fact that Hunter now has a hook for a hand. Instead, she becomes determined to save him from the bitterness that tears at his soul.

From the first, Hunter St. John's intentions are to get Gillian into his bed and out of his system. At first, Hunter seems a little too hard, a little bit of a beast. His speech to Gillian in which he describes in detail what he plans to do to her was enough to make my belly tighten (with anxious excitement!). But he never crossed the line.

Throughout the book, Hunter likes to pretend he doesn't have any tender feelings, but he's always proving he does. By the end of the book, I was thoroughly in love with this hero. Let me tell you, Hunter St. John is not a monster.

I loved the book, and I would gladly purchase it again. This beauty and the beast story has one of the best endings I've read in a long time. Excellent!

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Book Description

Hunter St. John was betrayed by Gillian Cassidy's father. Now he's out to get his due. His demand—thirty nights with Gillian at his private home in the mountains. His plan—to make her scream with pleasure and satisfy the craving he has for her body. What he doesn't expect—to fall in love.

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