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Forgotten Sea is another great book in Virginia Kantra's Children of the Sea series, making it clear Kantra is an author not to be missed. Her books do not disappoint.

A Children of the Sea book from Virginia Kantra.

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With the newest Children of the Sea novel, Forgotten Sea, Virginia Kantra follows up on an open plot element from Sea Lord, a previous book in the series.

Although Forgotten Sea isn't as sensual as the other Children of the Sea books, the romance is just as compelling. The book introduces several new elements to the world Kantra has created, including an expansion of the story of a group of the other elementals, the children of the air.

Set seven years after Sea Lord, Forgotten Sea begins with the introduction of Justin, a sailor who doesn't remember his past. He remembers only the most recent seven years of his life and knows only that he feels most at home near the sea. Lara has come to the dock after being pulled there by her gift. She's a seeker and she believes she has found another one of her kind, another fallen, and even after she meets with Justin and realizes he might not be one of them, she feels a strong connection to him.

There starts a story of excitement and drama, as Justin begins to recover memories of his life before and Lara begins to question the way she's been living, sheltered and in hiding. Justin and Lara's romance develops quickly, with the action taking up much of the book, but the story is interesting and enjoyable to read.

Forgotten Sea is a story of action, romance, drama, and fantasy, and it's a book to savor in a single sitting.

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Book Description

Lara Rho is a child of the air, or a fallen angel, who is desperate to prove herself a seeker. She believes she's found another of her kind when she seeks out a sailor named Justin Miller. But although she's drawn to him, it turns out he isn't what she believes and that revelation draws her into danger as they work together to discover who and what he really is.

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