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A romantic read with a sci-fi twist. This novella caught my attention quickly and didn't let go until the last page!

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If you're looking for a quick and sexy story, Her Heart's Divide fulfills its promise. Lila is a woman who's wildly in love with her husband. The problem is, she now has two of them! Apparently in another universe, she married her sexy boss Jack instead of the hunky Ryan, and Jack has shown up in her driveway expecting to be greeted by his wife with a little loving... Lila admits she used to have a crush on Jack, but that was before she fell for Ryan. Only now she has an opportunity to see what she's missed out on in this world with her husband from another...

Who can say what it was that caught my attention with this story, but it certainly got caught. Kathleen Dienne deftly created a growing sexual tension between Lila and Jack, while keeping the romantic love between Lila and Ryan in the forefront of the story. I enjoyed the love story at the heart of this novella and I was thoroughly engaged by the steamy hot scenes between the characters. What was meant to be a quick glance-through to decide if I wanted to read this book ended up being a reading binge I couldn't stop.

If you only have time to read one quick story, Her Heart's Divide is a good choice!

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Small town girl Lila Crosse has everything she ever wanted. She's got a good job, a beautiful home, and she's happily married to the love of her life.

When her husband's truck came down the driveway after a long week of work, she was ready to welcome him home. When Jack saw her sprawled out on the car in a wet t-shirt, making love to his gorgeous wife was the first thing that came into his mind.

The trouble was, Jack wasn't her husband. He was her boss. And before that moment, she'd never even kissed him.

Jack was sure he was her husband, and he had an explanation. But as much as she found herself attracted to this tall, virile man, she was already married to the handsomest, most masculine man she'd ever known. And she didn't believe in magic. Could Lila's heart handle the divide?

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