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I loved this tale of shape-shifters, with its sexy attitude and action-adventure feel!

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The three stories that make up Legends: Hunters and Heroes have introduced me to Shiloh Walker's Hunter series. I've never read any of the other Hunter books, but I won't be able to pass them up any longer. For a change, I read the books in order (I have a tendency to skip around in an anthology) and I'm glad I chose to read the stories as ordered in the book, although I doubt it would have mattered if I hadn't. Or maybe it would have after all and I'll mention why when I get to "Malachi".

The Huntress is the story of Rachel and Matthew. I didn't even know these people or what they fought for when I started reading and in less than five pages I was nearly heartbroken by the anguish Rachel feels when she discovers that her husband, whom she had thought dead, returns—changed forever. The Huntress worked as a perfect introduction to the world of the Hunters and I couldn't have asked for a better beginning for a new reader. This had all the sexy paranormal romance I could want in a short story format.

Malachi was actually the third and final story in the book. I loved this story for the look into the past of a hero, even though his full story will clearly not be told until another book. I hope. Frankly I hope it's already been told and I'll be lucky enough to be able to read it sooner rather than later. Malachi intrigued me, showing me a man who had been raised in slavery in ancient Rome who doesn't know any other life until he's attacked by what he believes to be a demon woman. The story is sensual and compelling and I read to the end only to immediately want more.

That point was a good time to reread my favorite story from the book, Hunter's Pride. Set in contemporary times, Hunter's Pride is the story of Duncan and Kennedy. Although the opening is dangerously dark and rough reading, the story is full of hope and romance. I loved this tale of shape-shifters, with its sexy attitude and action-adventure feel.

I don't know how smart it is to keep addicting myself to series, but it's nice when I can look up the backlist of an author and find plenty of delicious reading material waiting for me. This is just such as series.

Finally, just to mention the one disappointment I had with this book, I must say that the publisher of this particular edition (Samhain Publishing) might want to consider reducing the workload on their editors! There were numerous typos and missing words in these stories. Since this is something that should be in the realm of the publisher's duties—to make sure any book that goes out under their imprint is as error free as possible—I don't particularly think this should be blamed on anyone but the publisher. Get a better copy editor, people! This was a great book and I hated it every time I was stopped by a glaring omission or wrong word.

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Book Description

Journey into the world of the Hunters-men and women of myth, of legend.

The Huntress

The Huntress is a story of strength, bravery, and the incredible risks a woman will take for love. Escape into the legend of the Huntress and discover how it all began.


A legend among his own kind. Even among the Hunters, Malachi is unique and has been from the very beginning. Once a slave, Malachi has never lived free—until a mysterious woman turns him into something he doesn't understand. He fights, seeing it as just a different kind of bondage. Then he realizes this is his destiny. Embracing it could lead to freedom...or it could lead him into an endless hell.

Hunter's Pride

Kennedy has returned home to Pride Mountain. Unable to forget the mysterious creatures that saved her life after a brutal attack years before, she's determined to solve the mystery.but she wasn't counting on this mystery. Duncan Pride remembers the night Kennedy was attacked but can't tell her the truth of Pride Mountain. He didn't plan on her courage, her strength, but he can't let her get in the way-his Pride is counting on him.

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