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A lovely book and highly recommended, but it's definitely not erotic romance.

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Revealed is a delightful regency set romance by Kate Noble. Seriously, this would be a recommended book if there'd been even a tiny bit more sex in it. As it is, this book is recommended as a great historical romance, but only on my personal website and wherever else I post reviews.

In Revealed, Phillippa Benning is used to getting what she wants. She's beautiful and she knows how to use her beauty and wealth to keep her position in society. Phillippa is a great character, flaws and all. She's one of the most interesting Regency era heroines I've read in a long time.

I love heroines who have a chance to grow or show their true colors when they're put into situations that require more of them than they're used to giving. The thing is, it's rare to find an author who is willing to take the risk of having readers dislike a heroine at the beginning of a story. Kate Noble has given me that kind of heroine, and I loved it.

The flaws of the heroine are what set Revealed apart, gives tension and excitement to the romance between Phillippa and Marcus, and makes this book something special.

Mr. Marcus Wroth is a fun, somewhat atypical, hero, but still a man with all the right qualities to make me believe he's hero material. He comes across as someone who knows how to handle a difficult woman like Phillippa Benning and he proves it time and again. Phillippa is intelligent, caring, and confident, and by the end of the novel, I liked her at least as much as I liked Marcus Wroth, and that's saying a lot, because I always love the guys more than the girls!

Revealed is a historical spy mystery/romance. If you enjoy regency era spy novels, you're sure to enjoy Revealed. I certainly did!

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From the acclaimed author of Compromised comes a tale of love and war among the ton.

Phillippa Benning is the unrivaled beauty of the Season. But when another lady challenges her for a marquis's attentions, Phillippa entices him to a secret rendezvous—only to stumble upon The Blue Raven, England's most famous spy, lurking at the site of her planned tryst.

The Blue Raven has uncovered an enemy plot directed at upcoming society functions, but he's unable to infiltrate London society. Phillippa makes an offer: in exchange for entrée among the ton, he agrees to have his true identity revealed at the Benning Ball—guaranteeing her unrivaled notoriety. As the danger draws closer, the mysterious spy and Phillippa give in to mutual desire. But when the game turns deadly, betrayal waits around the corner, and Phillippa must decide once and for all—is it the myth that captured her heart, or the man?

Formats » Trade Paperback, ebook

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