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Relentless is a thrilling read!

A detective and a woman on the run have two very different goals, but their attraction brings them together in the bedroom.

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In relentless pursuit of the gangbangers who killed his friend, Detective Vince Yarrow tracks down the one witness who can't testify against the killers. Kate Yardell is living as deep as she can get to keep her and her friends safe from a corrupt government agency intent on murder.

Jo Leigh's Relentless took me into the world of a woman whose life is terrifying and lonely. The story starts quick, with little time for reminiscing about the past. I enjoyed the fast pace of the book. Although I wouldn't say this was an especially hot book, but it was sexy and it was a thrilling read. Leigh wrote a powerfully exciting Blaze here--one that's definitely a top pick out of the Blaze line.

I will certainly be reading the rest of this adventure-laden series as soon as the follow-up ebooks download!

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Former forensic accountant Kate Rydell is living under the radar. Currently she's stocking minibars at a sprawling Los Angeles hotel. Trying to survive, stay out of sight...until she witnesses a shocking murder in room 1408. Now the last people who can help her are the police, especially red-hot detective Vince Yarrow.

Vince is relentless in pursuing Kate. He needs information and her testimony—pronto. And he's determined to protect her even if he has to handcuff the sexy brunette to his bed.... But as the case starts to unravel, Vince can't help wondering if he's gotten in too deep.

Formats » Paperback, , ebook

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