Review, Crave: The Seduction of Snow White

An enchanting example of erotic romance at its best!

This sexy update of the Snow White fairy tale brings Beth and Stephen together in a dangerous, consuming passion.

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Bookcover: Crave: The Seduction of Snow White

A modern day retelling of the Snow White fairytale, with Crave, Yardley melds the erotic with romance in a way that I wish all authors were capable of doing.

Beth is living in a commune where the sexes are segregated and the pleasures of the flesh are reviled. Her sanctuary after her stepmother tried to murder her, the Penitent commune is looking less like a haven every day, especially once Stephen appears. Her hunger for him is near instantaneous and she can't deny him when he seeks her out.

I enjoyed the sensual hunger Beth and Stephen had for each other. Their sexual desires and the story's plot played together perfectly, showcasing Yardley's talent for mixing plot, sex and romance to create a whole that is a pure treat to read.

Yardley also brought together two disparate plot elements in a way that really worked well for the story. As with most erotic fiction, the focus is on the physical relationship between the characters, but Yardley handled it in a way that made me feel like I had read an epic length novel. I knew these characters, and I enjoyed everything I learned about each of them.

I enjoy well-written heroines and I always want a strong hero. It was a pleasure to spend a few hours with Beth and Stephen.

I'm sure I'll be reading this book again sometime, maybe sooner than later, and that's the best praise I can give any book. The book fulfilled its promise to me and left me with nothing but good memories of a great story. This fairytale has earned a permanent spot on my library shelf.

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Book Description

When a woman is ripe for the picking...

Beth Cordova's life is no fairy tale. Having barely escaped the evil grasp of her wicked stepmother, this "missing princess" seeks refuge in a strict commune where carnal pleasures are forbidden.

Sometimes just one bite of the apple...

Her world is lonely and void of intimacy, until the charming Stephen Trent arrives at the commune. Suddenly Beth yearns for a man's touch, the feel of his lips on hers . . . and Stephen is eager to show this pure-as-snow princess that she can still be the sensual woman she was once upon a time.

Is all it takes to unleash her desires...

But all is not what it seems, and the stunning beauty finds herself again in danger, her stepmother hot on her trail. The commune's founders will not tolerate the pair, yet fleeing its walls could prove fatal. Trapped in a world where passion is outlawed, can Beth live happily ever after?

Formats » Trade Paperback,

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