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Candace Schuler has written a sexy tale of a woman who wants to be bad for one entire summer--and only a cowboy will do. The rodeo circuit has never had more appeal for me than it did in this book.

What I liked about Good Time Girl

"...if I put my hand down your blouse now, I'm going to end up fucking you where you stand, right here against this door, in front of God and everybody. Is that what you want?"

She almost said yes.

I would have said yes, if he'd been asking me! Tom is one sexy hero, a part-time cowboy with a hell of a lot of sex appeal.

There was some strong language - but I didn't mind. Sometimes, it's nice to read something that hasn't been censored to death.

I loved the characters, the premise, and the story. Of course, if you read this romance for the plot, sometimes the sex gets in the way. But it's worth it. Schuler writes exciting, original, titillating sexual description - and lots of it, too.

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Sometimes bad is really, really good...

After getting a makeover from prim to improper, Roxanne Archer—now just Roxy—sets out to have a good time being bad. And she has her heart set on a good-looking, dangerous cowboy to do it with. Her first stop is a west Texas honky-tonk where Tom Steele, with all his dangerous laid-back rodeo cowboy charm, strikes her fancy. But what was supposed to be a one-night stand is so good, one night isn't nearly enough.

Tom can't believe his luck. This sexy, sassy woman wants to spend the summer with him, having mind-blowing sex, then go her own way—no muss, no fuss.

They both think they've got exactly what they want. For a while.

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