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Rey Martinson just got the biggest commission of her art career! She needs this commission so she can put down a deposit on her studio apartment, otherwise she'll lose it when they turn them into condos later in the year. Now all she needs is the inspiration for the sculpture she's supposed to do!

Marco Flores has been deep undercover working with the DEA trying to get enough information against the Rodriguez drug lord to put him behind bars for a very long time. Marco comes to Chicago to take the place of his brother Francisco who is a live model. Marco meets Rey whom he is instantly attracted to, but because of Rey's rule to never get involved with her models, she will only drool over Marco but not touch.

I enjoyed this book from the very beginning. I have a big problem with self-control so it was interesting to read about how the heroine tries to control something so strong as her physical attraction to Marco, especially when there's no real need to. These two people were totally free to act on whatever impulses that might spur them on.

The fact that the author used Rey's art to show that she was missing something in her personal life made Rey's character more real. I could feel Rey's frustration and anxiety because she knew she had to get this sculpture right the first time. I loved the descriptions of the characters' bodies and the imperfections that the characters saw in themselves, even though to each other they were perfect.

Love is when someone else sees you as flawless, imperfections and all, and this author knows it! For me, this book was a flawless read. I'll definitely be reading more of Marie Donovan's books.

Reviewed by Audria L.

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Book Description

When Chicago sculptor Rey Martinson gets the commission of a lifetime and has to find the perfect male nude model, sexy Cuban-American Marco Flores fits the bill. But there's more than meets the eye to Marco, since he's actually an undercover DEA agent hiding out until he can testify against a vicious drug lord. When Marco's past catches up to them, Rey must fight for their future.

Formats » Paperback

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