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This is an anthology format I would love to see more of and a series I hope doesn't end anytime soon!

A sexy paranormal romance of werewolves and humans. A single story / three romances in anthology form.

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Telling the stories of Donovan, Kelon, Wyatt, werewolves, and the Delaney sisters Lisa, Robin, and Heather, human, Running Wild is the start to what I hope is a long running series.

Having never read a book by Sarah McCarty before, I picked up Running Wild not knowing what to expect, other than a paranormal romance from Berkley Heat.

I absolutely loved it.

With this anthology, Sarah McCarty has gained herself a new fan. Running Wild is one story, divided into three parts, where each part is the distinct story of one werewolf and his discovery and claiming of his true mate. Donovan, Kelon, and Wyatt take sexy to a whole new level of goodness. I thought Donovan's story was my favorite, but then I read Kelon's story. I was sure nothing could be sexier than Donovan and Lisa's hot clash, but the simple sweetness of Robin and Kelon about tore out my heart. Wyatt and Heather had their own moments, but their romance never reached the depths of the previous two tales. However, the wrap up of the plot occurs in the final story so it was exciting in other ways, and the sex was certainly hot enough!

All in all, this was one hot book, loaded with sexy heroes, loveable heroines, and delicious sex. I won't be missing the next.

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Book Description

Three stories of sensual erotic romance. Three werewolves who feed a wild hunger...

Donovan must bring the Pack Alpha home and nothing more. But when he catches the sexy scent of Lisa Delaney, he's hers, body and soul—and ready to risk both on an erotic desire that will shatter all boundaries.

Kelon intends to return to his pack after helping Donovan, but he never counted on the voluptuous distraction of Robin Delaney. She's the one woman who can make him contemplate a choice no werewolf should have to make.

Wyatt can't afford to be attracted to the practical, completely human Heather Delaney. But she isn't a woman a man ignores—no matter what the cost.

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