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This was sexy futuristic erotic romance with not only one great hero, but two!

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What I especially enjoyed about Take Two was reading a book about a three way romance where I could believe the romance has a future!

I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm not a fan when it comes to three way romances. I don't like the idea of sharing and have a hard time relating to contemporary characters who do. I rarely buy into the idea that three people will ever be able to sustain a stable happily ever after romance, and for me, the happily ever after is what the romance is all about!

Take Two takes the idea into the future and makes it easy for me to enjoy by making it a biological/psychic drive. These are the kinds of three way romances I can really appreciate. Fantasy, paranormal and futuristic settings allow me to suspend my disbelief and thoroughly enjoy these more out of the ordinary love stories.

Take Two is a sexy and hot futuristic paranormal romance about one interesting girl and two hot guys. It sticks to straight sex, but keeps it hot and fun, by making the most of the sexual tension between the heroine and heroes. Although I might have been happier with a somewhat edgier sensuality level, Take Two was a great romance with a fun plot.

If you like futuristic erotic romance, you're almost sure to love Take Two.

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Book Description

She's about to go where no woman has gone before...

Reporter Sadie Thomas is posing as a cybernetic prostitute on a Saturn mining colony to get the lowdown on the intergalactic sex industry—and she has no idea that her cover is about to be blown by a duo of vice detectives from old Earth: handsome Holt and his partner, streetwise stud Blakely.

Soon she's uncovering an even hotter story with them—and having her inhibitions slowly, seductively stripped away by a sizzling mind-link with both men that makes her hungry for all they've got to give. As their investigation takes them to the wildest corners of the galaxy, Sadie can't resist pushing their passions into overdrive and past the danger point—to a realm of mind-blowing, limitless pleasure...

Formats » Trade Paperback, ebook

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