Urban Fantasy

Urban fantasy is a subgenre of the paranormal romance subgenre (if that doesn't twist your tongue!). What differentiates the two in my opinion is the fact that paranormal romance can be set anywhere, with any kind of paranormal element in the story, but always the focus is still romance. Although urban fantasy romance is almost always a paranormal romance, you can't say the same for paranormal romance being urban fantasy.

Urban fantasy deals with urban issues (city life) and fantasy elements, often demons, witches, and other paranormal entities and events. The romance isn't always the focus of the story, and in fact, usually isn't. Urban fantasy romance is urban fantasy, but not vice-versa. Even in urban fantasy romance, the world-building generally takes precedence over the relationship. Sometimes, though, you do find good urban fantasy, such as Ghostland and Spider-Touched, that contain an exceptionally strong romance inside, but it's easy to notice just how much of that story is really about the world the characters occupy.

So that's my lecture on paranormal romance versus urban fantasy and urban fantasy romance. There's certainly a lot of genre crossing going on these days, but it sure can make for good variety and some sexy, hot erotic romance! :)

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