Note to Authors About My Erotic Romance Book Recommendations

How to get your book in the recommended list

Write a great book!

I personally pick all the recommended books on this site. Recommended books receive a lot a attention from me because I really really like them.

The easiest way to get your book on my list of recommended books is to send that book to me so that I can read it (and like it). :-) If I like your book, it gets recommended and added to the newsletter. If not, then generally, nothing happens. I rarely spend time writing bad reviews because I can't usually force myself to finish a book I don't like (and as I've said before many times, I don't review a book I haven't read in its entirety). If I have mixed feelings about a book, I'm much more driven to review it. I try to work out my own thoughts about the book and writing those thoughts down generally helps that process along.

The truth is, I might run across your book and like it even if you don't send it to me. But the chances are much better if you go ahead and take matters into your own hands. ;-)

If you would like to request that your book be reviewed on this site, please read this note about how I approach reviews.

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