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In this interesting addition to the Moon Series (of which this was my first read), Renata Cordona and Jacob Marshall fight a past-life curse to change their destinies.

As someone who hasn't read any of the other books in this series, I found it intriguing and readable. Although I could have gotten caught up in the references to things I didn't know about, I think the author handled the story in a way that made it accessible to new readers.

I wish I had gotten to know Jacob better, since I felt like his character wasn't explored as well as it could have been. Renata, on the other hand, was well-developed and sympathetic. The thread of suspense running through the story kept me guessing long enough to make the climax exciting and memorable.

The focus of the story remained the suspenseful plot, so don't read expecting a highly sensual book. However, if you enjoy stories with werewolves, past lives, demons, alternate history, and suspense, you should really like this book.

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They are destined to be together for all eternity—if they can defeat the evil stalking them.

Determined to stop a madman, P.I. Renata Cordona is undercover when she's almost attacked by a pack of vicious dogs. A lone wolf saves her. Then, out of nowhere, a man with an electrifying touch appears—the man who is clearly her destiny.

Formats » Paperback

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