Alternate History

When history didn't unfold quite as it did for us...

Alternate history stories are different from futuristic, although sometimes you might feel you're reading one when you're actually reading the other. Alternate history assumes that at some point some event went differently than it did in reality. That change sets the story off in another direction, taking it away from the world we know and into the realm of fantasy—even if the story is otherwise completely contemporary.

Alternate history stories are probably most popular when paired with alternate reality stories (which I love), but there are alternate history stories that take place on our world with the assumption that our history unfolded differently.

Even though I love fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance, I always have a hard time reading these kinds of books, because I have a problem suspending my disbelief when I know an event happened in a certain way and the author is changing that...

But here they are...for those who aren't as finicky about this reality as I am!

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