Berkley Sensation Books, Anthologies, and Novellas by Date

Here's a date based list of all the books from Berkley Sensation, but be aware, it's a work in progress!

If I don't have a publication date for a book, it won't appear here. You'll need to look at the alphabetized list of Berkley Sensation books for all the Sensation titles that are listed on this site. You'll also find the books categorized by anthologies, novels, and short stories and novellas.

As I say on the main alphabetized list of Berkley Sensation books, Berkley Sensation books are romance, pure and simple. Some of the books are steamy romance and spicy hot, such as those by Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, and Jory Strong. Some of the books are pretty tame. Many Berkley Sensation titles are wonderful reads, so even if the sex is missing, they're worth reading! Since the sensuality level of these books can vary wildly, when I review a Sensation book, I always try to let you know the level of sensuality in the book. Enjoy browsing!

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Find Berkley Sensation anthologies, novels, and short stories and novellas in the alphabetized Berkley Sensation book list.

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