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Blacklace Erotic Romance Author Interview at WWR

Black Lace author Portia Da Costa has an interview up on the website. Her books include her latest release Gothic Heat, a sexy hot romance novel of erotic proportions!

The interview is here.

She’s best known as one of the original pioneers of Black Lace, and the only author from the original line up who still produces new titles for the imprint. She also writes for Spice Briefs and Total-E-bound.

One of my favorite comments in the interview come from Portia Da Costa, when she says:

My days don’t have much in the way of structure or planning. I pretty much just stumble in disorder and confusion towards the resolution of a book, hoping for the best.

It’s amazing how this has worked so well for her! :-)

If you have a chance, check out the interview.

Interview with Megan Clark, author of Seduce Me

Megan Clark’s interview launches a new feature to The Erotic Reader website–author interviews. I love talking with authors about their books or having authors talk to me about their books. :-) Either way works for me. That said, here’s the interview with Megan Clark. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »


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