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Upcoming Berkley Heat Releases for June

The following Berkley Heat Trade Paperback Originals will be available on June 1, 2010.

Tempting Eden by Margaret RoweEden Emery is no stranger to sin. To keep her sister safe from harm, she paid a steep price with her body–and very nearly lost her soul. Now Baron Ivor Hartford, the man who owned her, is dead, and Eden vows to never again cede her destiny to a man. But when the baron’s nephew arrives, Eden realizes her troubles are far from over.

Major Stuart Hartford was raised to marry a proper, honorable wife, but when he is instructed to take care of the matter of his Uncle Ivor’s ward, Eden, he begins to question the virtues of being proper. For Eden ignites in him an all consuming passion that burns away his inhibitions and inflames his heart. Now Hart has to show Eden that the sins of the past can be healed, and is left with no choice but to tempt the temptress herself.

Sounds undeniably tantalizing…what do you think?

Wedding Favors by Nikita Black, Allyson James, and Sheri WhitefeatherNew Orleans proves to be the perfect setting for these three nice-turned-naughty stories of three nice-turned-naughty bridesmaids who each make a wish at an infamous fountain. Before the night is through each woman finds her wishes granted as they become entangled with passionate partners who free them of their desires.

Here come the bridesmaids…in a tantalizing trio of never-before-published erotic novellas.

In these steamy romance stories set in New Orleans, before the night is through, the wishes come true, the gowns come off, and the games begin…

Nikita Black goes behind the closed doors of a bordello and a masked bachelorette party where anything can–and does–happen.

Allyson James explores a ménage a trois as a bridesmaid is locked in a house with two men who introduce her to sensations that are out of this world.

Sheri Whitefeather reveals a secret room under a French Quarter B&B where a bridesmaid’s forbidden erotic dreams become a reality.

I love novellas and these sound great! I guess I need to get to reading since this book is actually on my bookshelf… :)

Updated Heat book lists

Today I finished an update to the Heat book lists I’ve had in the works. I split out the NAL Heat and the Berkley Heat titles since I’ve discovered that the books can actually be quite different.

I hope to have some reviews to post soon.

I started I Spy a Wicked Sin last night, and so far it’s been hard to keep myself from revisiting it today even though I’ve got stuff to do. ;)

Books are like that sometimes—they make it hard to concentrate on the real world!

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Reading Recs: Crave & Running Wild

Over the last week or so I’ve added two new reviews to the site, and both reviewed books made it onto the recommended reading list. Running Wild and Crave: The Seduction of Snow White are both very hot, very sexy, very good books!


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