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The Nook Holds its Own as a Great Ebook Reader and a Good Deal

Barnes and Noble's Nook ebook reader

The Nook ebook reader is a great option for reading your romance ebooks. Click the image to visit Barnes & Noble's Nook page.

The Nook

The Important Details

  • The Nook has a 6″ touchscreen
  • The Nook has the longest battery life of any similar ereader device, with a battery life of about 2 months on a single charge
  • The Nook weighs only 7.5 ounces – less than almost any paperback
  • The Nook has social features built in such as Nook Friends, allowing you to share your reading with your friends and even lend them qualified books
  • The Nook has Fast Page™, which allows you to touch and hold the side button to quickly scan through a book’s pages so you can get to where you want as quickly as possible without having to know what page number to go to.

For details or to buy a Nook, check out Barnes & Noble’s Nook page.

Want a Simple, Affordable Ebook Reader? The Kindle is a Good Deal

Amazon's Kindle Ebook Reader

Sleek and affordable, the Kindle is ideal for reading erotic romance books. Click the image to go to Amazon's Kindle page.

I’m a big fan of ebook readers these days. The Kindle is at an all new low price, a price that makes it an ideal choice for an inexpensive ebook reader gift, for yourself or someone else.

The Kindle

The Important Details

  • The Kindle weighs less than 6 ounces
  • The Kindle is small enough to fit in a pocket
  • The Kindle has a 6″ screen size, which is about the size of a page from a paperback novel
  • The Kindle’s E Ink display makes you feel like you’re reading from paper and doesn’t fade away in sunlight like an LCD display
  • The Kindle has built in Wi-Fi so you can download your books without having to plug in a USB cable to transfer books to the device
  • The Kindle has finally become compatible with the ebooks available from the R.E.A.D.S database and public libraries so you can borrow books and read them on the Kindle reader

If you want more information about the Kindle, visit Amazon’s Kindle page. There you can compare the different versions and decide for yourself how “tricked out” you want your ebook reader to be. Personally, for reading, I like the simple version, although the touchscreen is a nice addition to the basic version you might want to consider.


My NOOK eBook Reader Review

I’ve had my NOOK for 4 or 5 months now and so I wrote a review of the device and put it on The Erotic Reader website (and my crime / mystery books website) for anyone thinking about buying it or the Kindle.

(I don’t own a Kindle.)

Here’s my Nook review and here’s my page about the Kindle.

Anyway, I thought someone else might be interested in hearing a little more about the NOOK (and the Kindle) and since erotic romance readers often have to buy ebooks if they want to keep up with the works of all their favorite erotic romance authors, having an ebook reader is a great benefit—and much better in my opinion than reading from a computer screen! :-)

It’s nice to be able to read whatever I want, whenever. But…those gorgeous book covers…

I have no interest in showcasing risqué book covers to my children, the receptionist at my dentist’s office, the people sitting near me in the school bleachers, or anyone else, no matter how much I might choose to ogle those same covers in private. ;-)

As pretty as many of the covers of erotic romance often are, they aren’t tame and they aren’t always appropriate in public places! But I still like to be able to read whatever I want when I’m in those places.

I read on the Nook a lot and love it for night-time reading using my lighted NOOK cover. I also enjoy reading fan-fiction, long blog posts, and online stories on it. I use Calibre to format the content into epub documents and put them on my Nook for later bed-time reading, because it’s not just books I abhor reading on the computer.

I’m a huge fan of reading at night when I’m trying to settle down. :)

Read my review of the NOOK ebook reader, or visit my page about the Kindle ebook reader.

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Some Recommended Books and How I’m Getting Along With My Nook

I’ve had my Nook for about a month now, I think, and I’m loving it. I do still occasionally read on my Palm powered phone, because there’s nothing as convenient as a backlit device when you’re reading in the dark, but with the addition of a book light, night reading is easy on the Nook.

I’ve loaded up quite a few books on the Nook over the past month and read quite a few too. I find it does make it just a bit harder for me to pick one book and stick too it. I’ve always been the kind of reader who lugs around 5 or 6 books at a time to wherever I’m sitting to read and pick through them until one catches my attention and doesn’t let go.

I almost never read only 1 book at a time. In fact, right now, I have bookmarks in 6 books that I still consider myself to be actively reading (mostly print at the moment).

However, I’ve just recently finished a few I would HIGHLY recommend and will be adding them to the highly recommended list this week. The level of heat varies but these are fabulous books!

Burning Up (An anthology, just bursting with reading pleasures! Made me take another look at Nalini Singh’s books and I’m currently reading Branded by Fire.)

Immortal Sea (Oh man, as I’ll say in my review, this book has cemented my love of this series. The Children of the Sea is one of my favorite series of all time at this point.)

Body Master (Sexy – very! – I cannot wait for the sequel, The Body Thief.)

Don’t Kill The Messenger (Not erotic romance, but great nonetheless! – At the moment, this trade sized paperback is for sale at a seriously bargain price at Amazon.)

The Demon in Me (Not enough sex by far, but a seriously great book anyway.)

Counterpoint: Song of the Fallen (Ends on something of a cliffhanger, but I loved the book anyway and look forward to the sequel! [Alt romance.])

New Generation Kindle DX is Available and at a New Lower Price!

Amazon has released the newest generation of the Kindle DX at a whopping discount from the price of the previous version. Currently, the new Kindle DX is selling for $379, the lowest price I’ve ever seen it. If that’s still too much for you, the Kindle is on sale at the time of this post for $189, which is quite a discount from the original $259 it was selling for only a while ago. (The lower price of the Nook might have had something to do with the price drop.)


The Kindle DX is Amazon’s large-screen wireless reading device. The newest Kindle DX has an improved e-ink display that is said to have better contrast for clear text and sharp images. The Kindle DX is available for pre-order now at the lower price of $379, down from $489 and will begin shipping July 7, 2010.

The Kindle DX’s new 9.7” e-ink display is perfect for reading erotic romance ebooks! You can store your entire ebook library on it since it can hold up to 3,500 books. You can connect wirelessly to the Kindle Store in the US and over 100 countries, and download books in under 60 seconds. Kindle DX lasts up to two weeks on a single charge (when you aren’t using the wireless). Read on for more features…

Buy Kindle DX

Kindle DX Features

  • Sleek & Trim at Just Over 1/3 Inch Thick
  • Large 9.7" Screen
  • Simple to Use, No Computer Required
  • Auto-Rotating Screen
  • Built-In PDF Reader
  • 5-Way Controller for precise on-screen navigation
  • Long Battery Life
  • Long Battery Life – A single charge lasts up to 1 week with wireless on, up to 2 weeks with wireless off
  • Charge via USB or U.S. power adapter
  • Wireless Access With Whispernet which utilizes Amazon’s optimized technology plus a high-speed data network
  • No Monthly Wireless Bills
  • Global Coverage
  • Travel the Globe with Kindle – Download books wirelessly in over 100 countries around the world
  • Carry Your Library in a Profile As Thin As a Magazine
  • Holds Up To 3,500 Books
  • Automatic Library Backup: Re-download Your Books for Free
  • Enhanced Reading
  • Paper-Like Screen with 50% Improved Contrast
  • Read in Sunlight With No Glare
  • Adjustable Text Size
  • Sharp Display of Images and Photos
  • Full Image Zoom
  • Enhanced Newspaper Reading Experience
  • Bookmarks and Annotations
  • Personal Document Service Via Whispernet
  • Built-in Dictionary With Instant Lookup – The New Oxford American Dictionary with over 250,000 entries and definitions
  • Wireless Access to Wikipedia
  • Search
  • Read Kindle Books on All Your Devices With the free Kindle Reading Apps
  • Audiobooks – You are able to download via USB and enjoy more than 60,000 audio titles from

Buy Kindle DX

Newest Features

  • Social Networks – Post passages directly from Kindle
  • Popular Highlights
  • Collections – Organize Kindle libraries into multiple categories
  • PDF Pan and Zoom
  • Font Improvements with two new larger font sizes and sharper fonts
  • Password Protection – Lock your Kindle automatically when you’re not using it

Experimental Features

  • Read-to-Me Text-to-Speech feature
  • Basic Web Browser
  • Listen to Music & Podcasts

Kindle DX Accessories Included In the Box

  • Kindle DX wireless reader
  • U.S. power adapter (supports 100V-240V)
  • USB 2.0 cable (for connection to the Kindle DX power adapter or to connect to a computer)

Buy Kindle DX

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