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New Review of Virginia Kantra’s Forgotten Sea

I just added a new review to the site, a book I enjoyed reading over this past weekend. Here’s an excerpt of the review and a link to the whole thing. If you like fantasy romance (paranormal), then you should check it out. Forgotten Sea Cover Image

Forgotten Sea Review

With the newest Children of the Sea novel, Forgotten Sea, Virginia Kantra follows up on an open plot element from Sea Lord, a previous book in the series.

Although Forgotten Sea isn’t as sensual as the other Children of the Sea books, the romance is just as compelling. The book introduces several new elements to the world Kantra has created…. more

Added March ’09 Blaze books

Saturday (or was it Friday?) I added the March 2009 Blaze books from Harlequin to the site.

I also recently added several books to the Berkley Sensation book list.

I’ve had several additions to the Recommended Reading list, and I’ve also updated my Current Reading list to pull together better info on what’s on my to-be-read list and what is in the read-but-wating-to-be-reviewed queue. As you can see if you take a look at that page, I have several reviews to write and will hopefully be posting them soon!

Mercury’s War by Lora Leigh is now available

I just got an email from the Penguin Group saying that Mercury’s War by Lora Leigh is now available. I’m signed up to way too many newsletters, I tell you, but it has turned out for the good in this instance. I know I mentioned in my last post that I was reading Megan’s Mark, the first Breed book published by Berkley Sensation. I still haven’t finished it, because this weekend was so hectic, but I’m about half-way there, and it is good.

Reading: Megan’s Mark

Today, courtesy my two children (with my husband’s help), I received two books off my Amazon wishlist for my birthday. Today is my birthday so I’m probably not going to have a lot of time to read, but I have managed to zip along to Chapter 3 of Megan’s Mark by Lora Leigh. I’ve been wanting the chance to read these books, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity finally!

Megan’s Mark starts off with action–and I love it when an author gets right to the good stuff. :-)

I’ll certainly put up a review when I’m done reading.

New Blaze Books and More Updates!

I’ve put up quite a few of the new and upcoming Harlequin Blaze romances. You can check them them out and buy or preorder them if you want.

I’ve updated my Lora Leigh book list. With the change over from static pages to a database, I just didn’t get all the books for some authors entered and I’m working on them a bit at a time. However, now I’ve got a great many Lora Leigh books listed with plans to add more of Lora Leigh’s books.

There are many more authors I need to get up to date on the site and if you have a preference for who you want updated first just let me know.

I’m excited to be getting the erotic romance lists all updated. :-) Here’s to many more happy book updates.

Sea Witch is calling to me

My copy of Sea Witch arrived the day before yesterday, but I’m holding off reading it because I am currently reading a book by a favorite author that I somehow, someway, missed reading. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about when I say that books by favorite authors always come first. In case you’re interested, the book is After Glow by Jayne Castle. Not an erotic romance, but a great read nonetheless. Emmet is very sexy.

My hope is that once I read Sea Witch I’ll have found another fav to add to my list. I’ve already slipped and read the first few chapters, because I couldn’t wait to get a taste of the book. This is my first reading of novel length fiction from Virginia Kantra. I enjoyed her story in Shifter, which was the very first Virginia Kantra fiction I’d read. This one, so far, has proven to be exceptionally intriguing and I want to read more!

Of course I’ll post a review the minute I finish reading it. :-)

Hot Rec: Warlord, plus some site news

Although I haven’t yet posted the reviews for the latest books I’ve devoured (yes that’s the exact word for it since they’ve all been delicious!), I have a new recommendation for your reading pleasure.

Warlord by Angela Knight is a plot heavy, sex-ational action and romance collection. Warlord contains Jane’s Warlord, an additional novella, and two short stories. I had heard Jane’s Warlord was fabulous, but I hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet. I might wish I had already read it but then I wouldn’t be having so much fun reading it now, would I? Read the rest of this entry »

Reading: Shifter (anthology)

I’m reading Shifter, a Berley Sensation paranormal romance anthology (March 2008), which contains stories by Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, Alyssa Day and Virginia Kantra. I’ve only made it into the second story, A Jaguar’s Kiss by Lora Leigh, but it was torture to put the book down. There are things I must do today, and that means I can’t spend the day reading which is too, too bad, because I could easily read this book in one sitting (especially if the next two stories are as good as the first two). Read the rest of this entry »


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