Erotic Romance Isn’t Erotica But No One Seems To Know That But Me ;-)

I guess that means I’m living in a fantasy world all my own. However, I’ve never believed erotica is erotic romance, and despite the way the market has gone over the last ten years or so, I haven’t changed my definition of erotic romance–although it seems like everyone else has.

The days of one-woman-one-man are long gone, and fun hot sexy romance novels have been replaced by stuff that’s just too out there for me.

In the context of fantasy and sci-fi romance, I’m much more open to variety. But in the context of historical or contemporary romance, I tend to veer strongly toward real-world romance, albeit a lot spicier. Meaning I don’t want weirder stuff, I just want more tension, more heat and just plain more of it!

It has me wondering if there’s a place for my views or this site in the erotic romance market these days. Then it hit me that of course I’m not alone. I might not hold the majority opinion, but that doesn’t mean my view has no value. And that, my friends, means I’m not compromising what I call erotic romance and conforming to the opinions of booksellers who’ve begun stamping the erotic romance label on any book with sex in it that they’re trying to sell to romance readers! They don’t fool me, and I don’t care what the label says.

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