The Nook Holds its Own as a Great Ebook Reader and a Good Deal

Barnes and Noble's Nook ebook reader

The Nook ebook reader is a great option for reading your romance ebooks. Click the image to visit Barnes & Noble's Nook page.

The Nook

The Important Details

  • The Nook has a 6″ touchscreen
  • The Nook has the longest battery life of any similar ereader device, with a battery life of about 2 months on a single charge
  • The Nook weighs only 7.5 ounces – less than almost any paperback
  • The Nook has social features built in such as Nook Friends, allowing you to share your reading with your friends and even lend them qualified books
  • The Nook has Fast Pageā„¢, which allows you to touch and hold the side button to quickly scan through a book’s pages so you can get to where you want as quickly as possible without having to know what page number to go to.

For details or to buy a Nook, check out Barnes & Noble’s Nook page.

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